7 Essential Rules to Follow When Designing a Logo

7 Essential Rules to Follow When Designing a Logo

circle-logo-designs-small[1]Your logo is much more than just a pretty picture on your letterhead.  It is a symbol for your business, and the one thing people will most associate with your business name.  Creating an effective logo is a serious endeavor.  Here are seven essential rules to follow when designing a logo:

Hire a professional.  Unless you are a graphic artist with experience in marketing and logo design, you need to leave the task of creating a logo in the hands of professionals.  Keep in mind that an unprofessional logo will look amateurish to potential customers – not exactly the message you want to relay about your business, right?

Stay away from trends.  Your logo should withstand the test of time, with only minimal changes.  If you want your logo to stay relevant, then you need to avoid current design trends and focus on representing a unique aspect of your business.

Keep it simple.  Your logo needs to be easy to remember, and must translate in a variety of mediums and sizes.  Studies show that the most successful logos are also the simplest.  Choose shapes that are not too complex, use a basic font (like Arial or Helvetica), and try to use no more than three or four colors.

Do your research.  The purpose of your logo is to help your business stand out.  Therefore, it needs to be unique.  Before you commit to a logo design, make sure you do enough research to ensure that your logo does not resemble anyone else’s logo.

Keep it original.  Don’t make the mistake of using clipart anywhere in your logo.  Anyone who has access to a computer or the Internet has access to the same clipart you do; therefore, a clipart logo equates to an unoriginal logo.

Reverse it out.  There will be some occasions when your logo must be used in black and white.  Therefore, you need to take this into consideration when designing a logo.  If your logo is not effective when it is reversed out, then it’s back to the drawing board for you.

Make sure it translates.  Consider the wide array of mediums your logo will be used in – from business cards to web pages – and design a logo that translates well in every type of media.  This means your logo must look just as good on a giant billboard as it does on a tiny mobile device screen.

Don’t skimp when it comes to building your brand.  Contact our experienced consultants at Circle Consulting Agency LLC to handle all of your logo and web design needs.

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