10 Local Marketing Myths That Are Crippling Your Business

Have you turned away from the use of online marketing to further your business? Are you still persistent to use many old marketing tactics to try to drive traffic and revenue because it’s easier? Maybe the reasons why you have not jumped on the online marketing band wagon yet is […] Read more »

5 Most Important Components of Your Google Places Listing

Take advantage of everything Google Places has to offer by enlisting the help of competent professionals like us.  Our local business branding or social media marketing services will help you maximize your business efforts at marketing on Google. Read more »

April Marketing Promotion

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Email Marketing Tips For Mobile Devices

The proper strategy for your email marketing campaign should take into consideration the mobile readers. Here are some tips on making the campaign effective for mobile devices.   Email Marketing Tips for Mobile Devices http://www.smartestphoneapps.com “…Email marketing campaigns are based on content.  However, it is important not to overlook formatting […] Read more »

Online Sales: The Customer’s POV and The Seller’s POV

If you decide to venture online to sell your products, here are some details regarding the point of view of the the consumer and seller when dealing with online sales.   Online Sales: The Customer’s POV and The Seller’s POV http://www.business2community.com “…managing an online store. Also, online sellers have the […] Read more »

Join Our Monthly Online Live Webinar – Learn How To Use Online Reputation To Get The Phone Ringing

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10 Minutes To Small Business Website Marketing

A clear strategic plan for your business marketing will pay off in the end.   10 Minutes To Small Business Website Marketing Business 2 Community "The number one problem I see with small businesses on the Internet is that their founders started the business without any clear marketing goals. This […] Read more »

SEO Tips and Tricks List Surpasses 1600 SEO Tips for Small Business …

For those of you that can not afford to have your business professtionally marketed online there is still help available for you so that you the progress train does not leave you stranded at the station!   SEO Tips and Tricks List Surpasses 1600 SEO Tips for Small Business … […] Read more »

New Customer Promotion

New Customers Get 25% Off Their First Marketing Campaign Or Website Design Mention Promotion Code   CCA11911  When You Contact Us  expires 12/31/12 Having a website without a properly structured marketing campaign is like paying to make a commercial but not buying any airtime to show it! *One Time Use […] Read more »

Online Marketing Tips on Using Testimonials to Build Up Your Website

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