PPC Online Advertising Mistakes To Avoid


Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Make these Online Advertising Mistakes Are you new to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) digital advertising campaigns? Or, maybe the time and money you’ve invested in your PPC campaigns haven’t been paying off? At Circle Consulting Agency LLC, we have run hundreds of successful PPC campaigns. Take […] Read more »

6 Ways Facebook Ads Can Boost Sales


  6 Ways Facebook Ads Can Boost Growth and Sales for Your Small Business Businesses around the globe are cashing in on Facebook’s massive audience and unique features to increase their growth, sales, and overall success. Is your business using Facebook Ads yet? Are you apprehensive to get into Facebook […] Read more »

Use Ad Retargeting to Follow-Up with Customers

Ad Retargeting

Follow-up with your Potential Customers through Ad Retargeting When it comes to remarketing, some businesses have no idea what it means, or the benefits that it can bring by getting visitors (who left your website empty-handed) back to your website and purchasing what they were looking for. It is important […] Read more »

How PPC can Compliment SEO for Better Results


How PPC can Compliment SEO for Better Results There are many reasons why you should use AdWords Pay-per-click Marketing: 1. It’s an effective way to achieve instant traffic 2. It’s cost-effective 3. It gives you fast, measurable results However, did you know that using PPC hand-in-hand with SEO can increase […] Read more »