3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Yelp Ads Today!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Yelp Ads Today!

Are you looking to grow your business? Are you hoping to bring in new customers? Do you want to see that bottom line grow?

Successful business owners with an eye to the future should be able to answer yes to all those questions.

Here at Circle Consulting Agency LLC, we understand the value of growth to a business, and we want to help you achieve those goals through your marketing strategy.

Fast and Measurable Results

Yelp Ads can give you top-notch measurable results, quickly and reliably. With these results, you know you are reaching the right audience. Yelp Ads also provides unique functionality and reporting, so you can learn more about the wants and needs of your audience.


One common excuse heard in marketing is “We can’t afford to advertise.” My friend, you can’t afford not to. With Yelp Ads, you know that your money is being put in the right place. With a pay-per-performance model, you only pay for those internet users who see your profile.

Build Brand Recognition

Even though you are only paying for the audience who clicks on your profile, you are getting a lot more eyeballs. That means you are working up the number of people who know about your business. Brand recognition carries a lot of weight and is something that must be built up in small increments.

There are many benefits to using Yelp Ads, as a Certified Partner let us start helping your company grow today!

Yelp Ads

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