4 Tips For Adding Mobile Marketing into Your Company’s Marketing Mix

mobile marketingIf you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that the world has become much more mobile over the last couple of years. Most people have an iPhone or an Android device in their hand almost constantly. If you want your local business to be successful, you need a plan to market to these people specifically.

Many businesses are somewhat afraid to dive into the mobile marketing arena due to the fact they simply do not know where to start. As with any type of marketing, implementing a mobile marketing plan for your business requires research and careful action so you can start off on the right path.

Here are some tips to get your business started with a solid plan for integrating mobile marketing into your local business:

  1. Do Your Research – First, figure out what type of mobile strategies would work best for your type of business, as well as your customers. Mobile-friendly websites, for instance, are a necessity for just about every business because more than half of internet searches today are performed on mobile devices.
    But could your business benefit from a text message marketing campaign? What about QR codes? Have you ever thought about how mobile apps can fit in? Depending on your audience and the type of products and services you offer, mobile can help you connect with your target market in a way that no other marketing channel can offer.
  2. Check in on the Competition – It is likely that some of your competitors are using mobile marketing – and they’re probably experiencing some success if they’re going about it the right way.  During your research phase, be sure to check to see how your competitors are using it. Be careful not to copy exactly what they’re doing, but at least get some ideas about whether or not the method has potential to bring more customers through your doors.
  3. Notify Your Customers – Let your customers know that you have a new mobile-friendly website, a new text message marketing campaign, a new QR code, or a new mobile app. But don’t stop there… be sure to make it easy for them to get involved so you can turn them into repeat, loyal customers.
  4. Test, Test, Test – Whether you are doing text message marketing, QR codes, or mobile apps, be sure to test, measure, and track their effectiveness. Nothing is set in stone, so if something is not working, you can always improve or change it. The nice thing is that most mobile tools and strategies can easily be tracked so you know exactly where you stand – this is something traditional marketing methods, such as newspaper ads, Yellow page ads, and others cannot provide.

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