How Optimizing Your Websites and Landing Pages Will Increase Conversions

optimize websites

How To Optimize Your Websites & Landing Pages For Increase Conversions It might surprise you to know that a lot of business owners don’t optimize their websites. And when we talk about optimization, we are not just talking about the speed of your website, although that is a big factor […] Read more »

5 Ways To Use Positive Reviews as Marketing

content marketing

5 Ways To Use Positive Reviews as Marketing Content If you are struggling with coming up with content for your marketing, then look no further! Your positive reviews can be a source of inspiration. Using your reviews as marketing content can help promote your reputation, which in turn helps you […] Read more »

Negative Reviews: How To Handle Them

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Negative Reviews: Welcome a Grimace with a Smile Social media allows so much information to be at our fingertips. It allows business owners to connect with potential customers in new and exciting ways. It also gives customers new ways to reach out and share their opinions, and it is inevitable […] Read more »

12 Ways to Promote Your Business on Twitter


Ways to Promote Your Business in 140 (or 280) Characters or Less Over 2 billion people in the world are connected through social media, with 20% of the world’s internet users having an active Twitter account. Twitter is a great platform to boost your business. We at Circle Consulting Agency […] Read more »

Stop Wasting Money on Traditional Advertising and Start Gaining More Customers!

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Start Gaining More Customers Using Digital Marketing! Tired of wasting money on print ads, billboards, flyers, and more? Save money, and let us show you how to use something called SEO to gain more customers. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a powerful resource for expanding your business. SEO […] Read more »

Circle Consulting Agency Becomes Yelp Ads Certified Partner

  Circle Consulting Agency: A Yelp Ads Certified Partner We’re excited to announce that Circle Consulting Agency is a Yelp Ads Certified Partner. We’re now able to support and manage Yelp Ads campaigns for all of our clients – both large and small. In addition we will be able to […] Read more »

8 Reasons Why You Need Google Analytics

Google Analytics

8 Reasons Why You Need Google Analytics for Your Website Today As business owners, we must ensure that our marketing efforts are worthwhile and provide an ROI. We need to make sure that our website’s design and structure is at optimal levels to maximize our marketing campaigns. Having someone on […] Read more »

The Voice of Customers is a Valuable Reputation Marketing Tool

Reputation Marketing

Your Customer’s Voice is a Valuable Reputation Marketing Tool Digital marketing generally means getting the word out online about your brand and getting customers to see why they should buy from your business. But in today’s hyperconnected world, your customers can also shape the reputation of your business online in […] Read more »

What is in a Google Algorithm?

Google Algorithm

What is in a Google Algorithm? Are you looking to improve traffic flow to your website? Search engine optimization is the golden key to bring more eyes to your page on Google, and we want to help you get there. Google’s search algorithms are responsible for displaying the most relevant […] Read more »

8 Questions To Ask To Win More Customers


8 Questions You Need to Be Asking to Win More Customers Wouldn’t you like to know how what your customers are thinking? How are they going to act? Well, you can! You just need to track how your current customers are interacting with your business. You or someone on your […] Read more »