Marketing Your Small Business Online Or Offline – Why Marketing Should Become Part of Your Routine

Marketing will become the area that will make the difference between success and mediocrity, no matter what field you are in. The definition of marketing is simply the process of telling other people what you do so that they have an opportunity to do business with you. It used to […] Read more »

Search Engine Optimization Effects on Small Business

Search engine optimization or affectionately known as SEO is so important in so many ways. First to have a presence online the one main aspect of any website is traffic. The cheapest, most sustaining, and most effective method of getting and maintaining traffic to your website will only happen if […] Read more »

Website Analysis Report Indicates the Importance of Link Building Services

You may be waiting for customers to visit your website, which is not happening. Your online business is not able to attract visitors to the website. Such condition is very normal especially for small businesses. If it is the problem that you are facing currently, the first action you should […] Read more »

Brick and Mortar Businesses Need Small Business Email Marketing

There’s a pretty persistent myth among some people that the tactics and strategies you use in making money online are only good for making money online- that for instance you can’t use small business email marketing for a restaurant. Obviously most large businesses and corporations have learned all about making […] Read more »

Using Business Social Networking

Business Social Networking Business Social Networking is not a new concept executives have been using networking for centuries. Staying in touch with old college friends, colleagues and getting together on golf course or club is networking. The way we accomplish this task today has changed with the internet. Finding people […] Read more »

YouTube on Your Small Business Website – Building Trust and Increasing Stickiness

Bill Rayman is a mortgage loan specialist in West Los Angeles. Even with a buyers market in real estate and the lowest mortgage interest rates in decades, the overall market for new home loans was and is greatly depressed. Many mortgage sales agents have already gone on to new careers. […] Read more »

Small Business Email Marketing

Are you a small retailer or service business owner? Have you harnessed the power of the internet, specifically email, to communicate your marketing and sales messages to your customers and prospects? You should… here’s why and how to use small business email marketing! It’s estimated that over 60 billion emails […] Read more »

Small Business Internet Marketing – “It Ain’t Easy”

Small business owners have the difficult challenge of not only managing their day to day operations to ensure their customers are satisfied, but also deciding how to best market and advertise their company to attract new customers. Before the Internet arrived, the choices were primarily limited to print media such […] Read more »