Reputation Marketing: Ask, and You Shall Receive Reviews

Do you have customer reviews for your business? Based on a report by BrightLocal, getting reviews from your customers can be as simple as asking them. Here are some of the report’s key findings: 1) 7 out of 10 consumers will leave an online review if they’re asked to. 2) […] Read more »

Online Reviews Impact On Businesses

online reviews

How Online Review Sites Place a Huge Impact On Businesses Most small businesses and companies don’t think about online reviews and the impact they can have both positively and negatively on your business. Some business owners are afraid to find no reviews, and some are afraid of finding bad reviews. […] Read more »

How Reputation Marketing Can Affect Your Business

reputation marketing

Reputation Marketing and How It Can Affect Your Business Creating and maintaining a positive reputation for your business is a vital and important aspect in creating a loyal customer base while building your brand. No major successful or popular brand started out and became successful with a negative reputation. In […] Read more »

Building Trust with Online Reviews

online reviews

The Importance of Building Trust with Reputation Marketing You might not know that there are many places out there where people can leave reviews telling their experience with your business. Some businesses choose not to get involved because it might be too much work. This can be a huge business […] Read more »

Maintain Your Online Reputation to Get More Customers

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Keep Your Business’ Remarkable Reputation Online and Get More Customers You do your best to give your customers great service, but does everyone else know that? Keeping up your business’ good reputation online is just as important as its credibility offline. Here’s some things you can do to make sure […] Read more »

Reputation Marketing is a Way To Stand Out from the Crowd

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Reputation Marketing: How To Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd SEO is a great marketing tool. Social Media is a great marketing tool as well. You have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. at your disposal. Many businesses fill their feeds with discussions about how reliable and celebrated […] Read more »

Reputation Marketing to Gain Customer Trust

Reputation Marketing to Gain Customer Trust

Taking Advantage of Reputation Marketing to Gain Customer Trust Any smart business that is keeping up with current business trends will know all about how reputation marketing can affect their business, and how it directly affects things like customer retention, brand awareness, and most importantly, consumer trust. And if you aren’t […] Read more »

Negative Reviews: How To Handle Them

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Negative Reviews: Welcome a Grimace with a Smile Social media allows so much information to be at our fingertips. It allows business owners to connect with potential customers in new and exciting ways. It also gives customers new ways to reach out and share their opinions, and it is inevitable […] Read more »

3 Ways to Get More 5-star Reviews!

5-star review

  3 Ways to Get More Positive & 5-star Reviews! Anyone in business knows that positive reviews, whether by word-of-mouth or in the online world can be just as good if not at times a better way to get customers in the door than any marketing campaign. Sometimes it may […] Read more »

Getting Customer Reviews and Rev up your Revenue

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Getting Customer Reviews and Rev up your Revenue Online reviews are crucial to managing your reputation, gaining trust and confidence. Trust is a key element to gaining new and keeping customers. Do you remember asking for a friend’s opinion about a product before deciding to buy? Didn’t you become more […] Read more »