Online Sales: The Customer’s POV and The Seller’s POV

If you decide to venture online to sell your products, here are some details regarding the point of view of the the consumer and seller when dealing with online sales.   Online Sales: The Customer’s POV and The Seller’s POV “…managing an online store. Also, online sellers have the […] Read more »

New Customer Promotion

New Customers Get 25% Off Their First Marketing Campaign Or Website Design Mention Promotion Code   CCA11911  When You Contact Us  expires 12/31/12 Having a website without a properly structured marketing campaign is like paying to make a commercial but not buying any airtime to show it! *One Time Use […] Read more »

PPC Advertising: The Importance of Careful and Precise Planning …

  (author unknown) “PPC – Pay Per Click Management … PPC generally know as pay per click is most preferred form of advertising in which the advertiser is normally charged when ……”   Read more »

Proper Pay Per Click Management Pays For Itself In Dividends

(author unknown) "Succeeding in a big way online is what a lot of entrepreneurs and companies are looking to do these days, but it really does take quite a bit of work to be able to ……"   Read more »

Organic Vs Paid Traffic in Your Small Business Internet Marketing Plan

As more and more businesses seek to attract more customers using the Internet, their owners get confused about such terms as “organic traffic” and “paid traffic”. Well here’s what the terms mean, the advantages and disadvantages of both and how to include both into your small business internet marketing plan. […] Read more »