Expand your Brand’s Visibility through Brand Optimization

Why Do you Need Brand Optimization? You Need Potential Customers to Become Aware of and Familiar with your Brand Did you know that according to Nielsen, sixty-two percent (62%) of your potential customers prefer to buy products from familiar brands rather than switch to a new one? How will your […] Read more »

7 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Base

Many business owners may not realize it yet but social network optimization has become an important marketing & advertising necessity if the business wants to be a serious contender in this particular economy. The emergence of social networks over the past few years has changed the way businesses reach out […] Read more »

[Video] Why Social Media Optimization is a Business Necessity, Not Luxury

Social Media Optimization: A Business Necessity, Not a Luxury [Watch the Video] Did you know that within the social media space, there are conversations happening at this very moment that will define your brand? If you don’t capitalize on this vast and growing landscape, your competitors will, and you won’t […] Read more »

Writing Facebook Ads That Convert


Do you frequently use Facebook Ads to expand your brand and engage with new customers but have fallen short on conversion and ROI? Quite often the problem can originate from how you deliver your message in these ads. Here are some tips on how to write effective Facebook ads: How to Write Facebook […] Read more »

Using Facebook’s New Call-to-Action Button

  Business owners and marketers, Facebook has added a feature that can help drive more traffic from your Facebook Business Page to your website. It rolled out worldwide starting this year so if you don’t see it on your Page yet, rest assured that it’s coming. Here is an explanation of how to […] Read more »

December 2014 Brand Marketing Promotion

Check Out Our December 2014 Brand Marketing Promotions – Ends 12/31/14 We have extended our promotion from November so don’t miss out on the biggest performance guaranteed brand marketing sale of the year!!  Click Here for our Performance Guarantee Lock in your savings now before the end of the tax season so […] Read more »

9 Tips To Help Get Your Facebook Posts On Top Of The Newsfeed


Do you use Facebook to expand your brand and engage with new and existing customers? Facebook has bit by bit rolled out various improvements to the calculation that administers the way you see posts in their newsfeed, making some more unmistakable than others. Here are nine approaches to help guarantee your post […] Read more »

November 2014 Brand Marketing Promotions

CCA Extreme Digital Marketing Year-end Promo Ad Graphic

Check Out Our November 2014 Brand Marketing Promotions – Ends 11/30/14 Don’t miss out on the biggest performance guaranteed SEO sale of the year!!   Lock in your savings now before the end of the tax season so you can claim the marketing expense on your 2014 business taxes!     […] Read more »

How to Create A Content Marketing Plan That Converts

If you have a marketing plan for your business, making it content based will help convert customers that you reach. Following these basic steps in developing a content marketing plan will ensure that you will create one that works for you. A Content Marketing Plan That Converts http://socialmediatoday.com “Distribution is […] Read more »