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  • Keyword Ranking Guarantee Details. 
  • * The Guarantee WILL BE VOIDED if.
  • Additional Guarantee Commentary.. 
  • Common Reasons Why the Guarantee is Voided.. 
  • Additional Fixes to Website in Order to Retain Guarantee. 


Keyword Ranking Guarantee Details


At least 40% of the total keywords will land on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo or Bing at some point throughout the campaign.*

keyword guarantee

For instance, if we were targeting 10 keywords, and 4 keywords landed on the 1st page of either Google, Yahoo, or Bing at some point during the duration of the campaign the guarantee would be met.  If we do not meet our guarantee, we will continue working for up to three months free of charge to meet the promised Rankings.

Please note that the there are many things that are out of our control and issues with the hosting company or changes made by any other party can negatively affect rankings.  Therefore we have our list of stipulations in which if any are met the guarantee will be voided.


* The Guarantee WILL BE VOIDED if


  1. If the keywords are too competitive for the work load within the proposal.  When we do our keyword research we classify keywords as Basic, Advanced, and Over the Top.  Our services are aligned to accommodate Basic or Advanced competition level keywords.  Basic keywords are covered by our “basic” services, and Basic as well as Advanced keywords are guaranteed through our “advanced” services.  Keywords labeled as “over the top” are not covered by a guarantee.
  2. If written content is recommended and not provided or purchased and delivered on time.
  3. If the necessary access to the website is not provided for us to do all on page optimization tasks.
  4. If additional errors are found (such as http errors) and these are not fixed.  Many times these come at an additional cost because we are not aware of these before entering into the campaign.
  5. If duplicate content is found on the website and this is not fixed (such as duplicate title tags, Meta description tags, and body text).  This can come at an additional cost if the number of pages with errors is more than the quantity of pages included in on page optimization proposal.
  6. If we run into developmental issues with the website including URL redirect issues, content implementation issues (such as if when content is added to the website and it throws everything out of alignment and disturbs the website’s design), meta tag implementation issues, hosting issues, or additional issues that may arise as a result of structural design and developmental flaws in the website, then this can void the guarantee unless the issues are fixed.
  7. The website’s host location is changed.
  8. The website’s content optimization or Meta tags on target pages are modified by another party other than us.


Additional Guarantee Commentary


Common Reasons Why the Guarantee is Voided

  1.  Guarantee’s are typically voided because a client goes and changes their content or Meta tags and by doing so they have removed our keywords.  It is important that you do not alter our target pages without speaking to us first and getting permission to do so.
  2. The keywords are too competitive for the work load.  Many times clients want to target keywords that are too competitive for their budget.  In this scenario we may still target the keywords that are too competitive.  The reason for doing so would be because we are either anticipating placing a larger work load on the campaign in the future or taking our chances in hopes of meeting top page rankings with a lower work load.  In either event, if keywords are labeled as too competitive for the campaign or if the consultant advises you as such, the guarantee will not be held on these particular keywords.

Additional Fixes to Website in Order to Retain Guarantee


When we start a campaign, keep in mind, we have not yet had accessed to your backend or code base.  Therefore we are unaware of many issues that may arise while doing our on page optimization.  It’s like taking your car to a mechanic, he/she needs to pop the hood and take the engine apart to diagnose any issues.  Bearing this in mind, it is possible that we may run into code based issues, duplicate content issues, and/or website access restriction issues that may either require an additional charge to fix or render us unable to perform all necessary tasks on the website.

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