Qualities of an Effective Brand Marketing Agency

Brand Marketing Agency

  Qualities of an Effective Brand Marketing Agency: Guide for Business Owners To give your business a solid online presence, you need the help of an brand marketing agency. Research shows that in 91% of small businesses, the CEO also serves as the primary marketer. Playing double roles doesn’t come […] Read more »

Using specific internet channels to focus on acquiring chiropractic patients

7 Key Online Channels To Target New Potential Patients For Chiropractors

Harness the 7 Key Online Channels to Target Patients Who are Looking for Chiropractors   A significant percentage of chiropractic patients are using online resources to locate and evaluate various chiropractors in their area. In a recent survey, chiropractic patients who’d recently visited a chiropractor were asked about the methods […] Read more »

2015 Holiday Season Marketing Tips

2015 Holiday Season Marketing Tips Utilizing the right resources to broadcast the most appropriate message to the preferred prospective buyers is vital over the course of the holiday season , when brands, and also small company owners, are using every technique to grab hold of the attention of potential customers and produce an […] Read more »

Invest In Your Brand Reputation And Get More Customers

Invest In Your Brand Reputation And Get More Customers Online Reviews Impact Sales. By now, you probably know that online reviews influence customer traffic and buying decisions. But what you may be unaware of is the quantified impact that reviews have on all sales. A number of significant studies, across […] Read more »

Expand your Brand’s Visibility through Brand Optimization

Why Do you Need Brand Optimization? You Need Potential Customers to Become Aware of and Familiar with your Brand Did you know that according to Nielsen, sixty-two percent (62%) of your potential customers prefer to buy products from familiar brands rather than switch to a new one? How will your […] Read more »

Increase Your Brand Engagement through Video Marketing

Keep Potential Customers Engaged with Your Brand through Video Marketing Did you know how significant videos are for Internet users today? When it comes to providing valuable and engaging information online, most marketers turn to video content. The overall combination of visuals and sound makes videos more remarkable for Internet […] Read more »

Google’s Recommended Mobile Friendly Configuration

Responsive Web Design: How Businesses Risk Losing Customers by Ignoring Google’s Recommended Mobile Friendly Configuration Mobile Internet users are expected to outnumber desktop users by next year. It is therefore no surprise that Google is paying close attention to this development. And so should you. Because if your website is […] Read more »