Using specific internet channels to focus on acquiring chiropractic patients

7 Key Online Channels To Target New Potential Patients For Chiropractors

Harness the 7 Key Online Channels to Target Patients Who are Looking for Chiropractors   A significant percentage of chiropractic patients are using online resources to locate and evaluate various chiropractors in their area. In a recent survey, chiropractic patients who’d recently visited a chiropractor were asked about the methods […] Read more »

Writing Facebook Ads That Convert


Do you frequently use Facebook Ads to expand your brand and engage with new customers but have fallen short on conversion and ROI? Quite often the problem can originate from how you deliver your message in these ads. Here are some tips on how to write effective Facebook ads: How to Write Facebook […] Read more »

[Infographic] Here’s what you Need to Know about Brand Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

restaurant marketing

Can Hungry Customers Find your Business Today? Restaurants Dominate the Local Search and Mobile Landscape The way consumers are looking for and locating restaurants has changed dramatically over the years. What once was an arena dominated by Yellow Pages and brochures, is now won over by smartphones, tablets and desktop […] Read more »

Take Your Company to Great Heights by Investing in Digital Marketing

maximize your digital marketing budget

Take Your Company to Great Heights by Investing in Digital Marketing As the old business adage goes, it takes money to make money. You, the business owner wanting to succeed and profit in today’s competitive marketplace need to be implementing optimized and cohesive brand marketing strategies. If you fail to […] Read more »

Reducing Risk In Your SEO Strategy

If you care about staying relevant in today’s techno-centric market, then you simply must optimize your web content so that it is visible on the web to the most people possible.  This process is called search engine optimization (SEO), and it can literally make or break the success of your […] Read more »

How to Create A Content Marketing Plan That Converts

If you have a marketing plan for your business, making it content based will help convert customers that you reach. Following these basic steps in developing a content marketing plan will ensure that you will create one that works for you. A Content Marketing Plan That Converts “Distribution is […] Read more »

5 Ways to Strategically Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

Are you using LinkedIn strategically to achieve the professional results you want? The following tips will provide you with a natural way to increase your connections and increase your exposure. 5 Strategies to Double Your LinkedIn Connections Organically “……looking for your next dream job, for business leads or simply […] Read more »

How a Good Website Design Creates a Great Impression

A Good Website Design Creates a Great Impression It goes without saying that your business needs a strong web presence to be successful in the Age of Information, and that your website is integral to your web presence.  However, do you realize the importance of good web design, when it […] Read more »

How to Use Mobile Technology to Improve Sales and Marketing

The world is increasingly a mobile one, so companies all over the world are struggling to learn and master this powerful marketing tool. However, many of them are not sure how mobile technology and marketing methods can help them bring in more sales and profits. For companies that are looking […] Read more »

Tips to Running a Successful Giveaway Using Social Media

Are you using social media in your marketing campaign? Want to do a giveaway to promote your business and drive traffic? Here are some good do’s and don’ts for executing a giveaway in your social media marketing. Running a Successful Giveaways on Social Media “…A great way to excite […] Read more »